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My Collection of Silicone Bracelets

I'm totally into silicone bracelets. Besides them being awesome accessories, it's the awesome and meaningful messages that they put across. It's a great way to raise funds and create awareness. I believe in the messages of all the bracelets in my collection. I don't wear them because they look good. Heck some of them are really plain and one is pink in color.

Well these are some of the silicone bands that I own...

from top to bottom: Haiti Earthquake fundraising bracelet, World Peace & Stand-up Against Domestic Violence.

from top to bottom: Wave Appeal - Tsunami Relief, Breast Cancer Awareness & End Terrorism.

Dads for life, Support US Troops & Livewrong (do anything that makes you happy).

The following are my favs of the lot...

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I was bullied as a child so this anti-bullying bracelet means a lot.

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This is a Aids awareness bracelet. Enough said...

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Nike Stand Up Speak Up Anti-Racism bracelet. Racism ain't cool and you know!

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This my favourite. Gays have rights too and they deserve to be happy no matter which part of the world they are from. I hope to see same sex marriages legalized in Singapore some day.


  1. Such a great info about silicone bracelets ! its help me a lot..thanks for sharing! keep it up.


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