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Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes!

My girlfriend sent me this two nights ago and I laughed like an idiot! I sure hope you'll have a good laugh too. If you don't, well, you don't have a sense of humour!

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Have an awesome Sunday people!


  1. That is not chinese at all. It looks more like Singlish.

    1. DURH! Everyone knows that it isn't Chinese. Hello? Earth paging Mars! And no, it isn't Singlish!

  2. Some of the chinese "terms" looks like names of actors who only engage in certain tasks such as cleaning cars regardless of what movie they act in. e.g. around 1997 there is 9.00pm channel 8 chinese tv drama with a malay extra who is always mopping floor but themalay extra resigned after 6 months of acting in mopping floor only.


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