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Funny Videos! A bear and bouncing people!

If you missed the news on Channel 5 last night, you would have missed these two videos. Or maybe you've already watched them on YouTube. The first video is of this human domino which I thought was pretty cool. People lined up with mattresses and they fell one by one like how actual dominos are. Guess what? They broke the world record!!

The bit at the end where all of them were bouncing on the mattresses was kinda cute. Not sure what the less fortunate would think though. After all, these mattresses were supposed to be given to them. Nobody likes a mattress with screwed up springs right?!

The second video is of a bear in Russia. It's a real life Kung Fu bear yo!

Wasn't that just so adorable? Alright get back to work. Or studies if you're still schooling. If you have absolutely nothing to do today, enjoy your day!

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