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Universal Studios Singapore - I Went and I Conquered!

When Stephanie was in Singapore, one of the places we visited was Universal Studios Singapore (USS) at Resorts World Sentosa. It's actually a funny story. At least my friends think it is. I have a phobia of roller coaster rides and I have never been on one in my 33 years of existence! No I am not exaggerating! I've been to Sunway Lagoon and Hong Kong Disneyland but not once did I get on a roller coaster. Heck, I gave away all the express passes in Hong Kong!

Before she got here, she made me promise I'll accompany her. to USS So I said "sure why not. what's the harm anyway right?". I'll just go there and hangout while she does her thing. Well when we got into the park, she kept bugging me to try at least one roller coaster ride. So after 15 minutes of "please baby? come on, just once! pleaseeeeee" I relented and got on the Revenge of the Mummy ride. I'll tell you this. I have never been more afraid for my life! The entire ride is in almost complete darkness and not being able to see what's coming up wasn't the best feeling in the world! I walked out of the ride with white palms because I was gripping the bar for dear life and I had cold sweat too! Guess what she asked me next? You guessed right. "Can we do the ride again baby?". I'm standing there wondering what the hell happened to JUST ONE RIDE!

Stephanie and I at Ancient Egypt

I relented once again (don't ask me why) and took the Revenge of the Mummy ride for the second time. I took the Transformers ride too. I know this is the latest attraction at USS but I have to say that it wasn't all that it was made out to be. I didn't like it and I thought the storyline was flat. Moving on...

Some of you won't believe this but I took the Battlestar Galactica ride too! Heck I went on both the HUMAN and CYLON coasters. Not once but twice each! For someone that has a phobia of roller coasters and heights, I know I did pretty darn well. Just for kicks, we did the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (a cool river raft ride), the Canopy Flyer, the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure and we watched a screening of Shrek 4-D Adventure. I can now proclaim that I love roller coaster rides. You have no idea how good it felt to get rid of this phobia. Amen!

Here I am at the Battlestar Galactica ride!

As a big fan of everything dinosaur, this is my favourite place at USS.

Can you see how happy I am. Rawr!

And in this picture too...

I like his hat and costume!

Shrek 4-D Adventure here we come!

Me and my buddy Shrek! We just chillin' yo...

It was nice to finally meet Zahidah. If you are reading this babe, thank you for taking the time to say hi. I sincerely mean it when I say you and your colleagues are doing an incredible job from start to end. Now that's impressive! Oh yeah, one more thing...THE TURKEY LEG RAWKS!!!!'s so good!


  1. OH MY GOD. i can't believe you did the other coasters bro. i was actually really really glad the big coasters were still faulty when i was there because i don't think i would have been able to handle it. i took the revenge of the mummy ride and it was the scariest thing ever in my life... you should have seen my face when they snapped the photo midway!

    kudos to steph for growing you some balls! LOL!

  2. Are you a fan of Transformers??

  3. Shyanne: Sis! I had balls before I met Steph! I just erm...I dunno la! You afraid of roller coasters? You jumped out of a plane in Australia!!! Between skydiving and coasters, I'll take coasters any day. I may have balls but they aren't made of steel!

    Anonymous: Nope ain't a fan of transformers...

  4. Stop exaggerating baby! The Mummy wasnt so bad like how u perceive it to be, because of that u were able to go on Battlestar Galactica! Shyanne, u should have seen him clamming up, he did literally go white and was soaked in sweat! But he rode all the rides like a champ and I am so proud of him!

    1. It was!!! I don't like darkness. Don't ask me how I did the ghost show. I just don't like being in the dark and the Mummy ride is exactly that!

    2. i agree, OMG when i did the mummy ride actually i wouldn't have minded if it was really dark that i couldn't see anything but cos of some of the special effects i could see the tracks and the anticipation made me even more scared!

      i thought it was going to be some really chilled out ride because from the outside the building didn't look so big so i didn't anticipate all the sharp drops during the ride. best part was the first bit when the mummy head was talking and suddenly you fall backwards.

      but bro, i tell you jumping out of a plane is a completely different feeling. you don't have that heart dropping feeling of gravity. you feel like you are floating in the air. exactly like at the iFly simulator. it's feels more like freedom bro. it's a feeling you won't find anywhere else ever. imagine being on the top of the world... plus the worst part is really when you are on the plane going up. you can shit yourself. once you jump out, the fear disappears.

    3. Exactly sis! The special effects did it for me. I agree with how the building didn't look that big. Reckon this was the reason I said "ok" to the ride. With that said, it's a pretty good ride. I'll do it again someday...

      Floating in air?! Are you serious? I thought it'll feel more like you're heading head first to earth! You've tried the iFly? If you have, is it good?

      Man...I can't even do normal flights. I've got to have god knows how many beers before I board the plane. I'm always almost at the border of being completely smashed before I get to the gate!

  5. Yes i did do the iFly on my birthday last year and it's actually exactly how you feel when you skydive.

    You probably get the falling sensation for a split second after you jump out of the plane but once you are falling at maximum velocity it really does feel like you are floating. Best experience of my life! I was so high up that I could see the earth is round! Imagine that!

    1. Cool! So the iFly isn't bad after all.

      You could see that the earth is round?! Damn!! That's really high up!!! If I do grow erm balls some day, I'll do it!


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