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A Little Thing Called Love!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's that time of the year where roses and gifts from the “heart” fly off the shelves. Singapore being the ever modern country that she is, sees thousands of couples of all ages celebrate LOVE in many ways. Some with extra dough in hand will dine at fancy up-scale restaurants while some would opt for something a little more romantic like a picnic under the stars at the beach.

I would fall under the “I DO NOT CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY” category. I reckon the last time I celebrated Valentine's Day was back in my teenage years. Mostly because most of my friends were celebrating it and I wanted to impress as well. Yes, those teenage years! I for one choose to believe that everyday should be Valentine's Day. We should love each other like there's no tomorrow and appreciate life for what it is.

Well if my girlfriend Stephanie was in Singapore, we would probably do something crazy just for the sake of doing something different. She's an extreme sort of person. She loves skydiving, bungee jumping and base jumping. I on the other hand am extremely comfortable in my own little world. I can't imagine myself jumping out of an aeroplane yet alone off a bridge or building. Having that piece of rope or a parachute doesn't help one bit!!!

Take for example her recent trip to Singapore. I have NEVER been on a roller coaster in my life. Heck I went to Hong Kong and I gave away the express roller coaster passes! But she comes along and boy did she rock my world. We went to USS and I not only took a roller coaster for the first time in my life, I did it 6 times!!! For those wondering, yes I took both the Battlestar Galactica's Human and Cylon ride twice each!

In short, every moment spent with Stephanie is Valentine's Day to me. We have so much fun together as two scorpio's in a relationship that it's impossible to tell you about it in a single blog post. We even made lying under the stars at a beach in Sentosa fun. Nooooooo, we didn't do the ahem on a public beach. Instead we checked out sand castles, listened to good music and laughed for three odd hours.

Maybe you can do something fun as well this Valentine's Day. There's is this contest where you can win fantastic prizes. It's the Durex Love Box Pose and Post Contest and the grand prize is a 4 day 3 night couple trip to the beautiful resort island of Krabi, Thailand worth SGD$5000.00! You and your partner could be frolicking in the sand, dining to super fresh seafood and the both of you could even go for a romantic elephant ride through the hills of Krabi. Tell me that doesn't sound good!

All you need to do is submit a fun photo of the both of you like this picture of Steph and I...

Here's how you can join the contest...

1. “Like” the Durex Singapore Page on Facebook. Click here to visit the Facebook page.
2. Allow access to the Durex Love Box Pose and Post Photo Contest Facebook application.
3. Complete the registration form.
4. Submit a photo.
5. Once you've submitted a photo, get as many people to vote for you!!

once you click “LIKE” you'll see this image where you can click “FILL IT UP NOW”...

next you'll have to click “Go to App”

Tell Durex more about yourself! After you click next, you'll have to choose a Love Box design...

The Love Box designs.

You can either take a picture using your webcam or upload an image from your computer. Click submit and you're one step closer to winning a vacation in Krabi!

The Durex Love Box Pose and Post contest ends on the 29th of February so you have lots of time to submit your entry and get your friends to vote for you. Good news is you can submit as many entries as you want! So start snapping awesome pictures of you and your partner and win awesome prizes!


  1. Nice bro you guys look excellent. And you said you didn't believe in love any longer. Bluek! HAHAHAHAHA! On serious note, make sure she is good to you. Ok ready get set GO!

    your event brother

    1. My event brother? Which one?! None of you have left a comment on my blog before so I really don't know...

      Anyway thank you bro. And yes, I remember saying that. I also recall saying that I'm turning gay. LOL! She is good to me. No worries about that mate.


    She's a base jumper!? Holy cow, come back now woman I wanna meet you!

    p/s: Bro, your stupid comment authentication thing is damn annoying.

    1. Hahahaha! Why should you get worried? Being gay isn't a bad thing. Right?

      Yeah she is. She's as crazy as you are. Now I have 2 crazy women in my life...

      ps: Fine! I've removed the word verification for comments. Happy now?

    2. Lol yes I love base jumping! Covered KL Tower and the Bukit Nanas area last year and it was a good proper rush! I am addicted to adrenaline rushes, from fast moving vehicles to free falling, by the way if u love it as much as I do, check out Jeb Corliss on YouTube, he's amazing! And yes, we shall meet very soon babe, I am anticipating! :)

  3. Hey Noel

    Just thought I'd pop by to say hello, I gave ur gf a lift the other day in Sentosa coz I recognized her from the pictures on ur blog. She was a joy to talk to and she's a very beautiful girl, ur a lucky man! U guys look really good together man. Good luck and more power!


    1. Hi Kieran! Thanks for giving Steph a lift. She told me about it and I thought that was really cool. Where exactly do you work? Wavehouse?

      And yeah, I am a lucky man. Truly am!

  4. It was my pleasure bro! Glad I recognized her from ur posts she isnt hard to spot like I said beautiful girl walking around Sentosa not hard to spot right? I work part time at Azzure but wont be around for the rest of the week... U should pop by one day and bring stephanie with u ya

    1. Hahaha! You're right! She said she saw you wearing a Wavehouse t-shirt. Was gonna look you up at Wavehouse. Good thing I didn't. You're off for the whole week bro?


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