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Sheikh Haikel

I first saw Sheikh Haikel on local television in the now-defunct Asia Bagus competition in 1993. There was just something about the man that screamed "WATCH ME". He was part of a duo that called themselves 'Construction Sight' and they went on to win the competition. And rightfully so I might add. Quite simply, they were that good!

Three years later, Haikel showed up on the big screens as Johari Salleh in Army Daze. It's by far my favourite Singapore made movie. In fact, I don't know of anyone that didn't like Army Daze. It was a movie that Singaporeans all of races could relate to. It had a stellar cast and no matter how many times I watch it, I find it absolutely downright hilarious! For it to earn S$1,600,000 at the local box office back in those days was just phenomenal.

I'll never be able to understand why there are people that dislike or hate Sheikh Haikel. I've seen comments on forums and I've heard people talk smack. I reckon it could be down to jealously. Could it be because he is successful? Or maybe because he married a babe called Anna Belle Francis and their pathetic little brains couldn't understand why they fell madly in love?! For the record, I call them the Royal couple of the Singapore entertainment scene. They send loving tweets to each other all the time, have two beautiful children and both of them are talented. It's cute watching them on OKTO's Knockout. 

I have met Haikel twice. Once at the Dads for Life conference and the other time was at Timbre Substation. He was really friendly and he came across as a fantastic down to earth guy. 

Ok let's talk about his music for a bit. I dig his song 'Still Steady'. The short music he did with football stars from the past is pretty cool as well. It would be fitting to use this song for the LIONSXII when we return to the Malaysia Cup. I mean, after all these years we've been out of the cup and now that we are returning, we're Still Steady. How's that for an idea FAS?!

You can download 'Still Steady' and his latest song 'S.S.' by clicking on the links. It's FREE and I know we Singaporeans love things that are free. Don't we people?! If you are down with that, visit his official website at!


  1. Nice song...but if they can make it till 2half to 3mins... we coild get a full god damn song....

  2. Were you referring to the Still Steady YouTube video? If you were, I've got great news. It is a full song. Listen to it and download it here:

  3. Hey pal this is Dave from New Jersey USA. Is this how Asian hip-hop sounds? It's real nice man. No anger and guns and all that bullshit. I'll tell my mates about this fosure!

  4. construction site & army daze are so old sch' man but I loved it! I love still steady too haha. pom pee pee yo ah yo all the way. ;D I ever did wonder abt him & anna but man time proves it all. no doubt they're in for the real deal.

  5. Hi Dave! I don't know how Asian Hip-Hop sounds but I know that there's a group in Malaysia called KRU and they are good as well. Glad you like Sheikh Haikel and I'm happy this post reached New Jersey! Spread the word bro!

  6. Yo Shir!!! You digged Construction Sight and Army Daze too? Sweet! Ain't nothing like old skool man. I guess they did prove people wrong. But it's not like they needed to anyway. Go download Still Steady quick!!!

  7. Haikel and his wife is mad awesome. They're so friendly! And I used to be in a drama class Annabelle used to teach peoples from MCYS. She's kind and I definitely learnt a lot from her. They ain't proud or stuck up like many other stars, they're down to earth, encouraging and Annabelle is quite motivating too! Glad you do this post, They are both awesome and sure are you!

    1. Hi Vanessa! You took drama? Cool! Hope you're still doing it. Yeah they keep it real. That's what it's supposed to be. If I'm awesome, then you're awesome for leaving a comment!


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