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The Angry Bird Tattoo

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My most recent ink on my show TATTOOED, the Angry Birds tattoo, seems to be getting a fair amount of talk on the internet! Some think it's cool and some think it's corny. We all have our opinions so you are entitled to yours. But if you have not watched the Angry Birds episode, here's the link:

Then there are some that don't understand why I would agree to such a tattoo. After all, I have been advising both teenagers and adults to think carefully before they get inked. Well let's put it this way. I have a show that's propelling myself to the next level where I want to be at. Every tattoo I've gotten since the show started does have a meaning. When I look at the tattoos (6 so far), I think of this show and it makes me smile. Even on the lousiest days! So that's good enough for me.


  1. I wanna see tattoos on this page but image is locked , look like you have to upload it somewhere else and update your website . I hope to see more good tattoos on your page .

  2. Looks really cool. Love to have this tattoo on my wrist. I love tattoos an made a nice collection at . This is a page for india specific tattoos but i will love to include this one. Please let me know,if this is fine with you?


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