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Is Bedok Reservoir Haunted?

Yes it is. That is the honest truth. I know there are some people that don't believe in ghosts. And then there are some that think we fake stuff on Singapore Haunted. I would like to assure you that nothing is faked or reenacted on our show. We tell it as it is and if our show was indeed fake, we would have told Singapore that the Bayshore Underpass and Sembawang Park is haunted. Based on our investigations, neither location has any paranormal activity.

Moving back to Bedok Reservoir...While there are spots that has paranormal activity, there is no reason to suggest that the recent spade of suicides has anything to do with that. Instead, the last three suicides is nothing more than a trend.

Let me break it down for you...

1) He/She goes through problems in life. They feel lost & helpless.

2) He/She thinks suicide is the only option. It'll end their suffering for sure.

3) A mental list of ways to kill themselves is formed. Hanging till death, suffocation via exhaust fumes, overdose on medication, jumping from a high storey building or onto a train track and drowning are common ways to kill oneself.

4) At the back of their mind, they know about the recent two, now three, suicide cases at Bedok Reservoir. This place immediately becomes a possibility. Even more so if they don't know how to swim.

I honestly think that's what's happening at Bedok Reservoir. Before the drownings, the wooden hut at the top of the hill was popular. Folks from all walks of life would hang themselves till death. We investigated that hut and I didn't like it one bit! It's eerie and my gut tells me it's evil. I don't know how couples can make out and get down and dirty at these huts. We saw used condoms during our recce trip. Yikes!

Bedok Reservoir is a huge park. When you have a park this big, you'll have long stretches that are deserted. Based on our experience from filming there twice, there are many spots where one can kill themselves and nobody will a know a thing till much later when it's too late.

So ladies and gentlemen. Don't stay away from Bedok Reservoir. It's a beautiful park and it's great for families. But if I were you, I'd avoid the place in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm sure you would agree!

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  1. Wah you guys go there? My sister bf hung himself there before. Shld be same hut like you say. You guys not scare sumthing happen or follow you go home?

  2. It could be our local equivalent of Aokigahara in Japan?

  3. Hmm...Sorry to hear that man. Personally, I do worry that "something" would follow us home. After all, we do attempt to communicate with whatever that is out there. But because of time constraints none of us can stay at a location long and if there is more to say or do, they might follow us back. It's part of the job and I'll willingly let it happen...

  4. KP: I was just thinking that the other day. Let's just hope Bedok Reservoir doesn't become a tourist attraction for the wrong reasons...

  5. from what i was told there usedto be a kampong on the site of bedok reservoir and its was 'dirty' as in the villagers used to play with a lot of funny stuff. reckon that stuff is still around there.........


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