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Singapore Haunted - Episode 2

Episode 2 is out!!! Click here if you have not watched it yet! In this episode, you will see the rest of the team in action. The episode kicks off with Jo and Sarah doing their solo EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions at the exact spot I did mine in the previous episode and the team investigates two wooden huts on a hill. Sadly, one of these huts is famous for suicide cases.

Do allow me to backtrack a little. When the notion of investigating Bedok Reservoir first came about, I thought to myself "how haunted can this place be??". As a paranormal investigator, we need to step into each investigation with an open mind. That's exactly how I was when we did the recce trip and on the actual production day.

Regarding the voice that was heard twice during my EVP session in episode 1, we have ruled out the possibility of the voice belonging to one of our team members. Nobody was with me when I did my EVP session and the team was at least 300 meters away at base camp. Now here's the thing... Not once have we implied that the voice that got thousands of Singaporans talking was the voice of the Chinese national. We ourselves don't know for sure. Are we gonna speculate? No. That's not our job. Our job is to make a connection with whatever there is out there and gather evidence. As for the black shadow, I didn't see it personally so I rather not comment. But the fact that Lawrence, our guest investigator, saw the shadow as well does say a lot.

My conclusion on Bedok Reservoir? There's definitely something going on there. I had a "Let's get out of here moment" when we were at this forest area and that's never a good feeling to have. I had goosebumps just about the same time when the infrared camera picked up the voice. It is my opinion that there is paranormal activity at Bedok Reservoir. While the area where the partial corspe was found is peaceful, Hut A and Hut B doesn't seem friendly. I hope you catch my drift. If you do decide to check out the area for yourself, I strongly suggest you do it with a friend or in a group. Look out for each other and if your gut feeling tells you to leave, listen to it and LEAVE pronto!

I'll end this post with some interesting pictures we took...

This picture was taken during our recce trip at this little forest area. It's the same area where the tripod and infrared camera fell over in episode 2. Neither I.Z nor myself was smoking when these pictures were taken. But as you can see, there's this smoke/mist in the picture. Do take note of the orange ball of light that's in the lower half of the picture.

The smoke/mist appears again...

This picture was taken at another part of Bedok Reservoir. Once again we weren't smoking. 

The arrow points to a bright yellow ball that appears in a few of our pictures. One thing we can confirm is that there isn't a street lamp behind the trees. Even if there was one, it's way too low to light from a street lamp.

In this picture you'll see two orange balls of light. The first is roughly the same spot as the previous pictures and the other is next to a tree branch.

The orange ball of light appears yet again...

Another orange ball of light near a tree...

Can you spot the orbs? There are at least 7 in this picture. The thing about orbs is that it can be light  from our flash reflecting off dust particles...

This picture was taken at Hut B. Notice the shadow? I'm still trying to figure out what it is. Anyhow, suicide cases at this hut are always found hanging from one of these wooden beams...

ps: I know there are some folks that are saying we FAKE stuff on the show. If that isn't insulting enough, a Singapore based paranormal group that calls themselves API, mentioned to not one but two Chinese newspapers that the voice heard in my EVP session is fake. My question is...who the heck made them paranormal experts?? Mind you, this is the same group that we initially approached a few months ago to work on our show.  This is the same group that said "We do not have to investigate at night. We can do it in the day". Ask yourself this question. Would you investigate a haunting in the day??? Sure if you wanna recce a place then it's alright to do it in the day. But to do a paranormal investigation in the day?! 

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