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Working on Singapore Haunted

When I.Z Darson first spoke about working together on a paranormal show, it didn't take me long to say yes. If I recall correctly, I agreed to it in less than a minute.Since 2009, I've been a sucker for everything paranormal. Well before 2009, I've always been afraid of the dark and if you mentioned GHOST back then, I would have probably shat in my pants! No kidding!!! All it took was a haunting to happen in my house back in Thomson Road and one day I made the decision to stand up against whatever was in my house. It wasn't easy but I did it.

I made it a point to read, study and understand everything paranormal. In fact, I'm still learning about the subject. It's only when you take the trouble to understand a subject, will you truly be able to appreciate it for what it's worth. I honestly do not see any logical reason to fear spirits or ghosts. Basically put, we fear what we don't know! Agreed?

It took a few months of hard work on I.Z's part to form the Singapore Haunted team. What you see right now is only the beginning of something good. We're building on the chemistry and we sure as hell are beginning to gel as a team. Most importantly, all of us have an interest in paranormal activities. If we didn't, we wouldn't be in this show. And if a cast member doesn't have the interest or losses it along the way, my suggestion would be to either find that it again or leave the team. It's harsh but if we want to keep everyone safe, that's the way it's got to be.

Two weeks ago, we visited Bedok Reservoir and we had a good investigation. It took us close to 6 hours to wrap up filming and at the end of the morning, we walked away with awesome evidence. Do you know how many paranormal groups work their asses off to get an audible recording of an entity/spirit/ghost? In the first two hours of our investigation, we got two voices on the infrared camera. That's just fantastic! I'm extremely happy I made a connection with whomever that was. If you have not watched part 1 of episode 1 of Singapore Haunted, click here.

I don't want to be an ass and spoil part 2 so I'll just say this. Part 2 is even better! You'll see the rest of the team in action too! So look out for that next week!

We're doing another round of investigations this Friday and I'm pumped up for it. I plan on sharing my experiences here on this blog and the Official Singapore Haunted Facebook Page. Ok, I need to see to this fever I'm having. Later folks!


  1. How is it like working on this show? Fun?

  2. I can't wait to see Part two... Gonna be sweet.

  3. Anonymous: It's been great! It's tough to summarize my experience on the show but the word 'different' is a good way to put it.

    Filming starts at 11pm and we only end at 8am. You know stuff like that. And...we head into each investigation not knowing what to expect. Nothing is scripted and my opening lines are only fed to me minutes before cameras roll.

    And yeah! It's been fun!

    Jake: Wassup brother!!!! Thanks for watching and supporting the show. :)

    ps: Part two is out! Here's the link...


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