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Singapore Haunted

a new paranormal investigation web TV show produced by
R3LOAD Network

Starring:  I.Z. Darson, Jocelyn Teo, Kate Lim, Mervyn Ambrose, Noel Boyd and Sara-Ann Kwek.

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Pontianak laughter in the forests. Haunted homes. Abandoned buildings. Spooky beaches. Evil spirits. Throughout the years, stories of the paranormal have captivated the people living in Singapore. On 17 August
2011, Singaporeans interested in the paranormal can follow the investigations of the Singapore Haunted team online on R3LOAD Network.

Kicking off with an investigation of reports of a half body ghost at the Bedok Reservoir, Singapore Haunted is a new web TV series featuring a team of paranormal investigators exploring some of the most haunted
locations in the country.

On each 7 to 10 mins long episode, the Singapore Haunted team will take viewers around the most haunted locations in Singapore in search of answers to some of the country's most intriguing and unexplained paranormal mysteries. During the investigations, the team will use various equipment, including digital thermometers, EMF meters, night vision and infrared cameras to prove or debunk a particular haunting.

Viewers can also follow the filming of each investigation LIVE online on Twitter where the team will provide the latest updates, post photos and video clips during their investigation. Filming of future episodes will also
have a live web feed so viewers can join the Singapore Haunted team as they venture into the unknown.

About R3LOAD Network:
R3LOAD Network (pronounced as Reload Network) is a pop culture web TV network and viral video agency based in Singapore. With more than 4 million video views since it's founding in September 2010, R3LOAD Network ( combines original exclusive content with the web's best and most watched videos produced by professional, up-and-coming and amateur producers. R3LOAD Network's original programs include Viral Attack, Viral Daily, Singapore Haunted, Animal All-Stars, Fan Zone and Tattooed.

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  1. looking forward! should check out psychic kids. it's fucking awesome.

  2. Shirley: The show should be out soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Yeah I've watched Psychic Kids. I think it's an awesome show with gifted kids. :)

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