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Wrestling ROCKS Again!

The last few weeks has been nothing short of awesome for WWE fans. From CM Punk's shocking on-air speech about the WWE and Vince McMahon to HHH firing his father-in-law, it has truly been a feast for wrestling fans!

We fans love surprises and the WWE is doing just that. Wrestling has become unpredictable again and one can't help but wonder what's next. The most recent RAW saw the show open in a different format. The signature pyrotechnics at the start of the show made way for the championship match between one of my favourite wrestlers Rey Mysterio against The Miz. The Miz isn't a crowd favourite but I think he has talent. He's great with the microphone and the man sure can wrestle too. Anyhow, Rey won the title and that had me pumping my fist in the air! "YOU GO REY!!!!!". My happiness didn't last through the night but I'll get to that in a short bit...

The HHH and R Truth segment was hilarious! I'm loving all the R Truth's segments and it's always nice to see a  wrestler transform into a character yet alone do such a fine job at it. So yeah as I was saying, HHH and R Truth got me laughing like a mad man. We need to have the two of them on screen more!

The first surprise of the evening was the return of the greatest play by play announcer in sports entertainment history. I'm talking about none other than ring announcer Jim Ross! JR is the best at what he does and it's refreshing to know the King Jerry Lawler and good old JR are a team again! That's joy to my ears!!!

The Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio match gets my vote for the best match on RAW. Both these Superstars are amazingly talented and both these individuals are a joy to watch. Alberto Del Rio is destined for great things and it's only a matter of time before he lands the biggest prize in the business. Summerslam perhaps?

Ok getting back to Rey Mysterio's title win. For the love of god, I don't understand why John Cena had his rematch on the same night Rey won the title! What's worse, Cena won the match and is champion AGAIN! I'll probably get stick from the CenaNation but many of us don't like him. Period! How do I put this? He sucks in the ring?? It's true!

So there I was cursing John Cena when "Cult of Personality" played. When CM Punk walked out, the angst went straight out the window. It's great to have the straight edge Superstar back. It's not like he was gone long but it's just nice to know he didn't jump ship to the other 'company'.

Next  Monday can't come soon enough! What will CM Punk say? Will anyone else be returning? Damn I can't freaking wait!!!

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