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No swimwear for Miss Singapore World pageant!

First and foremost, I don't have much of an impression of the Miss Singapore World beauty pageant. The same would apply to Miss Singapore Universe. I cringe each time a representative from our country is shown on television. If I could hide under the sofa I would! I mean...look at Ris Low! How the heck did she qualify? More importantly, how did she win????! I have to be fair though. Jade Seah, Eunice Olsen and Jamie Teo are pretty darn fine looking!

Here's a fact. A good looking and intelligent woman wouldn't bother about a beauty pageant. They have more important things to do in life. Working hard at their careers is one good example. Get what I mean?

I would like to thank the organizers of the Miss Singapore World pageant for removing the swimwear segment. There isn't much to see anyway!

Here is the article from AsiaOne.
SINGAPORE - What is a beauty pageant without a swimwear parade?
To the organisers of Miss Singapore World, cutting or reducing the pageant staple may inject much-needed respectability to the contest. 
Earlier this year, Miss World CEO Julia Morley slammed the local pageant as "having a showgirl club image". 
In January, businessman Raymund Ooi, 46, was appointed by the Miss World title owners to run the local franchise. 
Since then, Mr Ooi has been making changes, intending to bring the shine back to the pageant.
Mr Ooi, owner of event company Limelite Productions, told The Straits Times that the organisers will either cut or reduce the swimwear segment to "a quick walk-through".
Other changes introduced by Mr Ooi included a greater focus on community work and showcasing the contestants' intellectual abilities. 
At a press conference in Sentosa's Wave House yesterday to unveil this year's 20 finalists, Mr Ooi said the judges will evaluate the contestants' physiques at a separate beach event instead of at the final show. 
The final will be held at Suntec City in September.


  1. If they removed the swimwear portion of Miss America, I would never watch it... But in Singapore, I applaud the move!

  2. Hey, just FYI, Ris Low is Miss Singpore World. Miss Singapore Universe is where the really pretty girls emerge from. Giving you something to write about... Cheers!

  3. Jake: Hahahaha! Me too! That's the best part in Miss America!

    Anonymous: That's the reason I mentioned Jade Seah, Eunice Olsen and Jamie Teo. But I should have added Miss Singapore Universe to that sentence. Thanks for pointing that out though. My bad! =)

  4. Jake: Not forgetting Miss Teen USA! That's the bomb!


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