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Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland!

Last Friday at six in the morning, we boarded our flight to Hong Kong. This wasn't just an ordinary flight. This was our first together as a family. Yup, my wife Ann, my little man Drayden and I boarded UA896 to head to Hong Kong Disneyland! 

I was my usual nervous self when the plane began to taxi out to the runway and when it geared up for takeoff, I wanted to stand-up and scream "STOP THE PLANE!!!!". However good sense prevailed and I stayed seated and kept my mouth shut! 

Little over 3 hours later, we arrived safe and sound at Hong Kong International Airport. We got through customs and immigration without any hassle (a first for me), jumped into a nice red taxi, took a fifteen minute drive and departing with HK$180.00, we were greeted by the friendly Disneyland Hotel bellboys!

I'll post Day 1 of our Disney experience in just a bit!