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TattoocaineZ - Tattoo Numbing Cream

TattoocaineZ is a topical cream that is dedicated for long lasting tattooing and it's creating a buzz in the tattoo industry!

I think it's important to note that I do not and would never endorse a product I don't believe in. It has to be an honest product that would be worth every cent you spend. After all, being a personality in Singapore, I am easy to find. Just thought I'd add this paragraph in as there are a handful of scam numbing creams in the market. Anyhow, I've used the numbing cream on my latest show TATTOOED and the link is below...

A little more information about TattoocaineZ...

TattoocaineZ topical numbing cream is indicated as a local analgesia for use on tattooing, body piercing and laser tattoo removal. TattoocaineZ is safe to use and is proven to last 3-4 hours with the correct application. TattoocaineZ doesn't complicate the healing process of a tattoo and has proven to be the best dermal analgesia in the local market.

* TattoocaineZ ships WorldWide!

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Please visit my REWARDS (click here) page to find out how you can get a $5.00 discount!



  1. Great! Will try this out when I get next tattoo.

  2. pain is just in our mind...with or with out this numbing cream...u can have ur tattoo if u want to...bading kayong gumagamit nang numbing cream..(^_^)...mga duwag kayong lahat na takot sa karayum...bakla...hahahahaha

  3. Anonymous: Let us know how the cream works for you...

    Tatts4Ever: It retails for S$40.00 at GIMMELOVETATTOO. Tell them Noel Boyd sent you...

    Anonymous: Well my friend, I only understand half of your comment. There is nothing wrong with a person using a numbing cream. Through experience, I've learnt that those that appear hardcore, aren't really hardcore after all...

  4. Bro Noel, where can get it in Malaysia? Especially in Sarawak..?
    Im thinking bout having tatts and its gonna be my first ever.. some more i cant stand pain.. Lol. =D
    Thanks in advance brah! =)

  5. Hi anonymous! My apologies for the late reply. Been busy with work and family.

    At this moment, the cream is only available in Singapore but they do ship internationally. You can purchase the TattooCainez numbing cream by either sending an email to or calling (+65) 9338-8479.

    If you would like a S$5.00 discount on the cream, tell them that Noel Boyd recommended you to them.

    Good luck with the first tattoo!

  6. Hi,
    Can you tell me if this cream is safe for eyeliner tattoos?

  7. I'm not too sure. I would think that's way too close to your eyes to use a numbing cream.

  8. Hey noel you think if o keep the cream for more than an hour maybe like 2 hrs it will stay on longer?

    1. I don't think it works like that. Reckon it's the ingredients that makes it last 2 hours...


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