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Bistro Zimazo

disclaimer: I am at Ming Arcade on days when I have to wait for my son's class to end at nearby Forum the Shopping Mall. This building is really old so one shouldn't expect much. The elevators don't smell nice and the escalators don't work! But if you look beyond that, it's a pretty alright place!

Yesterday, I blogged about a watch shop that's located at Ming Arcade. Today, this post is about a bistro that's located right smack next to it. Bistro Zimazo by Wesley and Stephanie, opened for business not too long ago. If my bad memory serves me right, they opened a month or so ago. Well it doesn't really matter does it?

If you are wondering why the heck someone would name his bistro Zimazo, I'll tell you why. Zimazo is a city in the Philippines that Wesley's wife is from. So now that you know this, you can come by the bistro and tell Wesley that you know the meaning behind the name and he might just give you a free drink if you order a set meal. Heh!

Ok ok...Let's get down to the food! If you are into good old Eurasian food, they have Devils Curry on some days but if that isn't your thing, they have Chicken Rice. Who doesn't like chicken rice?! If you are a vegetarian, DON'T answer that question! Well besides chicken rice, they have different dishes to choose from every day, seven days a week. Their set meals are only available from 11am to 3pm and it's only five dollars.

And...If you are a beer lover like myself, you'll be happy to know that they serve beer on tap! It's $5.00 per mug, $15.00 per jug and $43.00 for a tower filled with nothing but pure gold goodness! And hey, it's Singha Beer on tap. I'm not kidding when I say Singha Beer on tap gives you one hell of a kick. A late friend used to call this kinda beer "Value For Money". They've got food like chicken wings, dory fingers and more so you won't go hungry while you drink.

Daily lunch specials...

Dory Fingers...

Chicken Wings...
Chicken Curry

Indonesian Style Chicken Dish

21 Cuscaden Road #01-06, Ming Arcade, Singapore 249720
Opened from 10am to late

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