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We visit Central Fire Station!

We visited Singapore's oldest existing fire station yesterday morning. The Central Fire Station was built in 1908 and was Singapore's first proper fire station.

While the station continues to provide fire-fighting, ambulance and rescue coverage for the Central District, it also houses The Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. More on that later...

Did you know that all fire stations across Singapore, except Jurong Island Fire Station, are opened to the public every Saturday from 9.00am to 11.00am? If you have children, bring them down to a fire station of your choice and I pretty much guarantee that they'll enjoy themselves. Click here for more information.

my little man at the wheel!

Combined Platform-Ladder vehicle (CPL)
children & adults are lifted high above ground in this CPL ladder platform...

As mentioned earlier, the Central Fire Station houses the The Civil Defence Heritage Gallery. It's the only fire station in Singapore to have a museum and a souvenir shop. It was at the Heritage Gallery that I met a special man. This individual made a big difference in our trip and I'm honored to have had a lengthy conversation with him. I think we spoke for at least forty five minutes. Who am I talking about?

He has a viewing display! That says a lot doesn't it? Well meet Warrant Officer Segar Suppiah (above), formerly from the SCDF DART dog unit. WO Segar has been involved in numerous search and rescue missions overseas. In 1999 he was sent to Taiwan after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit in the early hours of September 21st. It was this search and rescue mission that WO Segar's dog detected and found a boy trapped in the rubble. After clearing the debris, the boy was pulled from the rubble by the members of Operation Lionheart. If you do meet him when you visit the Heritage Gallery, be sure to ask about the other rescue mission he's been involved in such as Singapore's Hotel New World disaster, Malaysia's Highland Towers collapse and the Asian Tsunami Khao Lak mission. He'll be more than happy to share his experience and knowledge.

I am extremely proud of our Singapore Civil Defence Force. Our men and women have done exceptionally well in their overseas missions and will continue to render assistance to the world when the need arises. I'll end this post with a few more pictures from our visit. I'll add more pictures to my Facebook account later in the day...

the fireman pole!

Warrant Officer Segar presented me with this badge as we were leaving the station...

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