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FOUR iPhone Apps I LOVE!

There are FOUR apps on my iPhone that I'm absolutely loving!!! The best part, they are FREE!

SG Election

This app by The Straits Times keeps you up-to-date with the latest 2011 General Election news. Find out who is contesting in your constituency and find out where the various rallies will be held. You'll get all this and more in the SG Election app!


There is this certain bus stop along Tanglin that has an electronic bus arrival time board that hardly works! In fact, I've only seen it work less than ten times for the past four months!!! Whenever it rains, the screen goes kaput. So here's where this app comes in. All I need to do is enter the bus stop number/road name and the bus number and voila, I know when my bus is arriving!


Elisa recommend this app so THANK YOU ELISA! If you love taking pictures with your iPhone, you'll love Instagram! It's a fantastic app that allows users to apply filters to their pictures. The cool bit is that you'll end up with pictures that are almost as good as the professionals!


I kinda regret coming across this app. Ever since I downloaded it, I've been changing my wallpaper every few hours. Yes, they have LOTS of wallpapers to choose from. If I were to make a guess, I'd say thousands of wallpapers. Once you choose a wallpaper you like, you can add an overlay so your app icons have individual frames. There's more you can do but I'll let you explore this app should you download it...

here's a screenshot of my phone. as you can tell, I love graffiti!

Besides these apps, I'm always on Echofon (my choice for Twitter), the official Facebook application and I'm hooked on Tap Zoo! As some of you know, I used to work at the Singapore Zoological Gardens and having my own little zoo kinda makes my day....

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