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Chinese Zodiac - Horse Horoscope 2011

If your Chinese zodiac is a Horse as well, 2011 should be a pretty darn good year!

HORSE: (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990)

With the presence of a strong yin star, you will have a noblewoman who will assist you in whatever you do. You will make good profit if your business caters for women.

MONEY: A prosperous year for you indeed. Noblemen will assist you both at your workplace and in your investments. Most of the nobility, however, are female. Still, the star also represents sluggishness, which means you should look for a stable investment and not something too high-risk.

HEALTH: The presence of auspicious stars and the absence of unlucky stars will bring you a healthy year. Try being more optimistic and always be cheerful.

LOVE: Two auspicious stars will guide you to your mate, and your female friends may turn up to be your matchmakers. Married couples and those already with loved ones should be careful not to let the opposite sex ruin their relationships.

CAREER: Your female colleagues or superiors will be factors in your pay rise and job promotion. However, act one step at a time to achieve the goals at your workplace as being too hasty may offend your noblemen.

REMEDY: Excellent money, career and nobleman luck belong to those who grab opportunities. Look out for female friends beside you as they are likely to be your "noblemen".


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  2. Well,how about the information of Dragon in 2011?Who can tell me?


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