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Trend Micro Titanium

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet with a representative from Trend Micro. It was pretty cool to visit their office and learn more about what they do. I think it’s the most educational thing I’ve done all year! LOL!

You know, I was surprised to find out there’s an internet threat every 1.5 seconds. That statistic is insane when you multiply that with every hour you are online. On most days, I am an online a minimum of eight hours. That’s an average of 19,200 threats per day!!! But back in 2007, there were only four or five threats per day. What’s even more startling is the estimation that in 2015, there would be 7 threats per second!!!

In the past, viruses were meant as pranks. As silly as it sounds, that’s what it was. Today, cybercriminals are behind these internet threats. They steal your personal details and this is then sold in the underground digital economy. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars. For example, your stolen bank account credentials can be sold for a minimum of $50!

I learnt that these “internet threats” can be found all over the internet. From your favourite social media networking site, online gaming, search engines and even fake news stories. IT IS EVERYWHERE! With that said, 92% of the threats your personal computer encounters comes from the web.

The good folks at Trend Micro have developed a solution to battle these cybercriminals. The Trend Micro Titanium not only gives users strong protection, it doesn’t use as much memory space compared to other anti-virus brands. Here’s the awesome thing about this product. While it’s proven that it’s No.1 in detecting and providing Protection against new and future threats, 80% of virus definition signatures are in a cloud (an external server) and this dramatically reduces your PC resources. This cloud security technology protects users by stopping the threats before it reaches a user. With 7 new threats PER SECOND, this is exactly what users’ worldwide need! So think of it this way… Before the bad guys can get to you, this security cloud works extensively 24 hours a day to detect and destroy them!

A cool feature I love about the Titanium is the ‘Parental Controls’ which allows users to limit what their children do online. It’ll even allow parents to create “my child is NOT allowed to visit these websites categories” timings too. Another cool feature worth mentioning is the ‘Secure Erase’. The ‘Secure Erase’ ensures that documents you delete will never ever be retrievable. While some may argue that they may need to retrieve these documents some day, there are people (I bet you can think of one certain celebrity) that wishes he had this feature! LOL!

You can find out more about Trend Micro Titanium on their Facebook page (click here). They’ve giving away some pretty neat prizes too. You could be the lucky winner of a private movie screening at GV Vivocity and you can invite 63 of your favourite people! Heck, I hope to win that prize too!

Good luck and stay virus free!

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