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Social Network Ink

There's this cool project going on that involves tattoos and the number social media network, Facebook! This documentary film and social media experiment called "Social Network Ink" is about a man who will tattoo the word FACEBOOK on his wrists. The tattoo will be done letter by letter after each milestone.

For getting 1000 fans on their Facebook page -, the letter F was tattooed on his right hand (see picture). When they hit 10,000, the letter A will be then be tattoed. It would take a whopping MILLION clicks on the 'Like' button to complete this tattoo!!!

So boys and girls, visit their website, watch their videos and LIKE their Facebook page to show some support!


  1. this is wicked ass shit! just hope the dude doesn't regret down the road. what if facebook becomes like myspace or friendster someday? lol!

  2. @p-homie: LOL! I hope he doesn't regret it either. If anything, I hope he's earning good money from this. And yeah, it would be hilarious if Facebook suffered the same fate as Friendster. But I think it's a matter of 'when' and not 'if'...


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