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Is this an emergency? Should I go to the A&E?

I can't remember where I was or what I was doing when I saw this Health Promotion Board poster. I'm guessing I wasn't doing anything important. Why else would I have paid attention right?! Anyhow, it was a cute little poster with three cartoon characters. Two of which had serious injuries (one of them had a saw in his head!) and the third guy had something that looked like an emergency beacon on his head!

The sole purpose of this poster is to educate the public, yes YOU and I, about what's an emergency and what's not. You may laugh but there are people that can't tell a difference! I've had my share of unfortunate visits to the A&E and I always ask myself "what's this person doing here?". You'll see people laughing and talking and they don't look sick. But the minute their number flashes, they'll give the A-listers in Mediacorp a run for their money with their fantastic acting!

So, what is an emergency?

  • Traffic or worksite accident.
  • Broken bone or dislocation
  • Sudden abdominal pain that doesn't subside
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Sudden, severve chest pain or breathlessness
  • Choking with difficulty in breathing
  • Drug overdoes or poisoning
  • Lost of consciousness
  • Head injury with bleeding, drowsiness or vomitting

Now that you know what's an emergency, what's not?

  • Mild Fever
  • Coughs and Cold
  • Small Cut & Bruises
  • Superficial burns
  • Localised rash or insect bites
  • Minor nosebleed
  • Chronic aches and pains
  • Mild diarrhoea and vomitting

One has to use their common sense at the end of the day. We need to understand the situation and decide if we can deal with it ourselves. It's always good to have a first aid kit at home too! You'll be able to treat small wounds, insect bites, aches, etc...

To find out more about this public awareness campaign, visit the Health Promotions Board website by clicking here.

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