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First Post of the Year!

Hello 2011 and goodbye 2010!!! I hope 2011 has been kind to you thus far. We're two days into this brand new year and if things aren't going well for you, YOU need to make changes now! If you don't, I guarantee you will be bitching and groaning for the next 363 days!

I want and need to earn more money this year. I plan on blogging more and I want to host another internet show that isn't tattoo related. Maybe a lifestyle show? I have been working hard on the show's content so hopefully the people that matter like what I've got. We shall see...

There's lots I want to do but as always, there isn't enough time to accomplish everything. It seems the older we get, the faster days go by! I hope you'll find the time to do whatever that makes you happy. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!


  1. eerrrr .. how about some shows on Supernatural Singapore ... ??? Behind the scene kinda of things ??? :P heheheheh ....... just a suggestion .. :)

  2. Wassup bro! Happy New Year! We've got SPI TV doing that. We should meet up soon to talk :)


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