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Highlights of 2010

This year has been a really good year for me. I'm looking forward to ending the year with fond memories and I can't wait for 2011! Here are my TOP 10 Highlights of 2010...

10. Panasonic "Business Toughbook" Viral Video
It was my first time working with Nadia "" and I.Z "" so this project was fun. Nadia and I both ran with laptops taped to our shoes and we did close range paintball which resulted in a shit load of bruises. I last heard that Panasonic hasn't used the video and quite frankly, I don't know why! It's pretty dumb to fork out money for a video production and then not use it right?! Well, it's not my money so I shouldn't care.

It was only this month that I was invited to be a guest host on SPI TV. For the record, I developed severe rashes all over my body hours after the first day of filming. I visited a 'spiritual medium' five days later to get blessings and after an hour of prayers, my body stopped itching. After which, I headed for the second day of filming. Working on SPI TV was a unique experience and I'll do it again if the opportunity comes my way...

8. The Friends
I'm blessed to have met this bunch of friends (Alexis, Frances Geraldine & Patrick). We can sit around and not do anything and yet have a good time! Geraldine whom I'm closest to, is my darling, beer buddy and she's family!

7. Judging at the Singapore Tattoo Show
I had a blast judging the Best Male & Female Tattoo alongside celebrity jeweler Matt Booth, Kim Saigh from LA Ink fame and the late Andrew Peters.

6. Interviewing Chris Garver
I had the honor of interviewing Chris prior to the Singapore Tattoo Show. I must admit that I was star struck and it was a little nerve wrecking but Chris was an absolute charm. He was exceptionally nice and accommodating throughout the interview.

5. Room 101 Silver
You'll probably know by now that I am absolutely CRAZY about Room 101 Silver! In August this year, I announced that Room 101 Silver & Matt Booth officially supports me and the work I do and we've got an amazing relationship. Thanks to these wonderful folks, my year has been filled with BLING!

4. Skin Art
This is the first show I've hosted and I've got to thank Clicknetwork for the faith they showed. Thank you Gillian!!! I'm proud to say that Skin Art has got a following and I've met some really cool people that love the show. The very first episode of Skin Art (Human Branding) aired on the 24th of February 2010.

3. Our First Holiday
Bintan was the destination for our first family holiday! What made this holiday sweeter was the friends we had for company. Our five fantastic days at the beautiful Nirwana Gardens was filled with glorious food, chilled beers, good fun and a much needed break from Singapore. I can't wait for the next holiday!

2. Drayden's Birthday!
The love of my life turned two in April. My little man was running all over the bungalow chalet and he genuinely looked happy. That's the most important thing right? I am already looking forward to his next birthday!

1. Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame
Oh man, this is my highlight of the year! It was such an honor to be chosen as a torchbearer! I smile to myself whenever I pass the route that I ran with the torch. I reckon I was happiest on the 7th of August. =)

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