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What to do on Halloween in Singapore

It's that time of the year where you can dress up and not look like a f'ing freak! Yup, Halloween is right around the corner and here are some venues working checking out...

What: Halloween Horrors
Where: Singapore Night Safari
When: 16th, 17th, 23th, 24th, 30th and 31st October 2010
Note: This is the 5th year running that the Night Safari is hosting "Halloween Horrors". It's been highly successful and you don't have to wait till the 31st October! Tickets prices vary throughout the month so do visit this website for more details.

What: Spooky Rainforest
Where: Singapore Flyer
When: 16th, 17th, 23th, 24th, 30th and 31st October 2010
Note: The website says the tropical rainforest has been transformed into an old abandoned shipwreck. From the sound of that, I'm guessing lots of dead pirates and skeletons. You could dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook. Anyhow, the Spooky Rainforest won't cost you a cent. It's completely FREE! Woot! For more info, visit

What: Fear Factory
Where: Zouk
When: 30th October 2010
Note: Zouk always throws kick-ass theme parties so expect "Fear Factory" to be freaking awesome! Be prepared for awesome props, great music and as much booze as your wallet can afford. Best dress wins a pair of tickets to Scotland worth S$2500!!! There's BlackBerry smartphones and a Bacardi Hamper to be won too! More information can be found at

What: CSI: The Experience
Where: Science Centre Singapore
When: From 16th October 2010 onwards
Note: Ok, you'll look like a moron if you dress up as a zombie or a ghost. Alternatively YOU could dress up as your favourite CSI character. Or even better, you could be a crime scene victim! I personally think this is a really cool exhibition!!! Tickets are priced at S$21.00 for adults and S$16.00 for children above 3 years. More information can be found at

Obviously there are more Halloween events/parties happening in Singapore. If you are organizing one or know of one, leave a comment below for the other readers. Thanks a million and happy spooking!


  1. Man I really want to do Halloween Horrors this year, since I'll be in town and all! But I think the only night I can do it is Halloween night itself... and I'm sure it's gonna be damn packed!! aaargh

  2. Nadie: I'm going though. Ann's sister bought us tickets. It's her belated birthday present. Just go on Halloween itself. Screw the crowd and enjoy yourself...

    Zahidah: I heard about the Halloween event at Sentosa the other day. Not sure who was talking about it.

    A friend of mine used to work at Sentosa and he told me that people have seen spirits/ghosts during the last few Halloween events. Take that with a pinch of salt....

  3. there'll be an Ed Hardy Halloween at klapsons. DJs, dress up + fashion show.

  4. Oh yes! There's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. You have to go to the place called Sting Alley, it's probably the best I've been since it's my first Halloween Nights after 20 years of living.

    And gee, seeing real ghost but not the fake is definitely spooktacular! :P


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