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Ruthless & Toothless

Have you heard of "Ruthless & Toothless" ? If you haven't, here is a short introduction... Remember the hit TV show Miami Ink? Well, Ruthless & Toothless is the creation of Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Yoji Harada and James Hamilton.

All the apparel and merchandise you see on their website are designed by these talented artists and the best part, it's specially made for children! I can so see my son Drayden in their t-shirts. He'll look perfect next to his tattooed daddy right?

I know some of you might probably wonder how tattoo themed designs would look on children. Well from what I've seen, the designs have been toned down for our little ones. I'm totally digging the "Bad Boy" t-shirt. It's the one with the cute little devil. The black tee with the gold chain and pacifier rocks too!!!

Before you head to their website with the link posted below, check out their latest video of Darren Brass and James Hamilton visiting the Miami Children's Museum.

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  1. Love the ruthless & toothless stuff! Thanks for sharing boyd :) *thumbs up*


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