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God damn Haze!

Seriously what's up with the haze? I was in Orchard Road yesterday for most part of the day and the haze was really bad! Singapore just looked so gloomy and it sure smelt like Singapore was on fire. And at night, we could hardly see the moon! 

If you aren't from Singapore, I would like to assure you that this country isn't on fire. The haze is from the forest fires in the Riau Province of Sumatra, Indonesia. That's 894 kilometers away from Singapore!

The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading yesterday evening hit a high of 108. Because that falls in the unhealthy category, two S-League matches were postponed. I pity the folks that visited the Singapore Flyer yesterday. What the heck could they have seen with all that haze?!

I've been worried about the well being of the beautiful Sumatran orangutans. In fact, that was all I was thinking about yesterday. It would suck if something tragic happened to them. These primates need to be protected and I hope the Indonesian authorities are doing everything in the power to do that.

I have an outdoor event tomorrow which I hope doesn't get cancelled. But considering it is a children's party, I won't be surprised if it did. I reckon the haze would fall under the "Act of God" clause in my contract. That would mean I won't get paid if the event is cancelled! Bummer!

How has the haze affected you Singapore?

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