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Ass Luck!

First and foremost, do let me state that I hardly ever gamble. Heck, I can't remember the last time I bought 4D! A mighty good fortune teller once told me years ago that I would never win anything till the year 2012. That probably explains why I've never won anything. 

Last Thursday while we were waiting for the bus home from Orchard Road, a naughty bird decided to take a dump on my wife, Frances and yours truly! How often does a bird shit on you?! I'm hoping your answer is "not very often". Heh!

It was the following day that I decided we needed to buy 4D for the weekend. I got a set of numbers from both Frances and my wife Ann and I came up with two other sets...


Last Thursday was the 21st of October but the clown that I am bought 2210 instead of 2110.

As you can see, the number 2210 was indeed drawn under Starter.

Anyone would celebrate right? My wife and I were so happy! We were elated!!! Here comes the sad part. We soon realized that we didn't win anything. Yup, absolutely nothing! Why?! BIG was sold out! That's why! I don't fully understand how 4D and Toto works but all I know is that we didn't win. Sure looks like the fortune teller is right yet again. Damn it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL dude! In my country, if a bird shits on you you bring out the shotgun and blast his mothafuckin head off! LOL!


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