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Paintball Battle Wounds!

While I can't go into detail about this Panasonic video I've been working on till the official launch on Friday, I'll show you some of my battle wounds courtesy of Nadia (a.k.a Nadnut)! She SHOT me with a barrel full of paintballs as I stood a short distance away!!!! Good golly did it hurt like a freaking bitch!!!!!!!!!

If you've played paintball before you'll know that some capsules don't break upon impact and those shots hurt even more. Well, a handful of them didn't burst!!!

Here are 5 out of the 11 bruises I sustained...

Just above my left knee...

My right thigh...

Below my naval...

Left shoulder...

Left bicep...

In case you're wondering, I did get a chance to fire away at Nadia. But that's her story to tell. Heh! Before I end this post, I'll like to give a shout-out to the crew at TAG PAINTBALL. They totally rock! If you love paintball or want to give it a go, visit their website @ for more information!


  1. B, all i keep thinking when i see the pictures is, people must be thinking: my god, Noel you're very hairy!!!!

    nevermind the bruises! lol!

  2. Whatever you do don't join the army, your tattoos would get messed up ;)

  3. Hahaha! In Singapore, we men have to serve 2 years in the army. After which, we report back once a year for our annual in-camp training. I'm 32 this year and will be serving the army for 10 days in November. Arrrgh!

    Which country are you from?

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