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Room 101 Silver supports Noel Boyd!

Since meeting at the Singapore Tattoo Show in February this year, I've had an amazing relationship with the people behind the brand known as Room 101 Silver. And now, the relationship has gone to the next level with Room 101 Silver officially supporting me.

I went totally ballistic when I first laid my eyes on their jewelery at the convention. I've always loved silver but these guys took silver to new heights. Think silver meets tattoos. Now that's a marriage made in heaven!

To show their love, Room 101 Silver sent me three pieces from their collection.

That's the 13 Ring, 13 Pendant & Room 101 T-Shirt

The chunky 925 silver 13 Ring. 13 means a lot to me as my son is born on the 13th of April.

I've got matching pendants as well. More pics are available here.

Room 101 Silver: Founded by Matt Booth, ROOM 101 is THE Luxury Lifestyle Brand for those who demand quality with an edge. The Room 101 Collection is comprised of designs that will stand the test of time - designs that share a common ground with the uncommon sense of fashion intrinsic to an artist, but can easily be appreciated by all.

Some of the celebrities that wear Room 101 Silver include: Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, Hip-hop superstars Busta Rhymes & Slick Rick, guitar legend SLASH, Sen Dog from Cypress Hill and Food Network's star Guy Fieri.

About Matt Booth: Matt Booth has a unique past. Matt Booth is a keen jeweler, bass player, tattooist and to top it all off , Matt Booth is an ex United States Marine.

Being a U.S. Marine sent to the Asian continent, Matt Booth found the rich culture in Asia & the Middle East especially thought-provoking. Matt Booth's life as a marine evolved to be a pivotal time both in his private life & his career as a jeweler. In 2000, he relocated back to Hollywood to pursue his love for music as a bass player. It was only a matter of time before Matt stumbled onto jewelry during his participation in the music industry and "immediately became involved & began tinkering with the craft."

For more information on Room 101 Silver and to view their collection, visit


  1. hey noel do they have a shop here in singapore?

  2. Hi!! Unfortunately there isn't a shop in Singapore. But I think there are plans to have an online store in the near future.

    There's a slim chance that Room 101 Silver will be at the upcoming tattoo convention in December. Have to update you on that again...

    Is there anything in particular that you like from their collection?


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