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Haunted Changi - The Movie

Come 2nd September, Haunted Changi will begin its long awaited screening in Singapore. This is one of the two local movies I've been looking forward to all year!

I know there are skeptics that will question if this movie is real. Well I can tell you this much. They filmed the movie at the Old Changi Hospital (OCH) and from what I hear, they've got amazing footage of paranormal activity. The Producer and Editor, Tony Kern, even spent hours filming at OCH alone at night. I think he's out of his freaking mind!!! It's not surprising that some members of the cast and production team became ill while filming the movie. I guess having a Taoist priest on location didn't help much...

For those of you that don't believe in ghosts, nothing anyone can say or do will change the way you think. I on the other hand, am a believer in the paranormal world. I know they exist because I've seen, heard and felt them. On one night earlier this year, I saw a figure staring right back at me in one of the OCH blocks while I was having a beer and smoke with my friend William. If you think I'm crazy, then so be it!

On Saturday night, I met up with the cast and crew of Haunted Changi at Haji Lane and here are the pictures...

The cast & crew of Haunted Changi

Producer and Editor Tony Kern

Fans of Skin Art, remember Farid Azlam? He's in the movie!!!!

To view the official Haunted Changi trailer and to find out more about the movie, please visit and please join their Facebook page by clicking here.


  1. Why you never tell me you saw something that night? :S

    Anyway Happy Ghost Month :)

  2. I told you and you said you felt something too! Are you suffering from goldfish memory syndrome?!

    Hmm, when does the Chinese 7th Month start?

  3. I so wanna watch this... but I won't be in town :(

    Saw a photo from the facebook page which spooked me out though :S

  4. Hi Nadie...Where will you be? The movie will screen for awhile so hopefully you'll be back in time.

    Which picture on Facebook?

  5. Will still be in Perth - I'm only coming back at the end of October :(

    The picture in the hallway I think - the one with the shadow...

  6. Hold up! Is this Nadia??
    Ahhh...that picture is scary! I would have shat in my pants if I was behind that camera.

  7. Yes tis me! :D

    Yea I was spooked! I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't read the comments about it.

    There was another photo where there was supposed to be a head or something (according to the comments) but I couldn't see it. Thankfully. One scary shadow is enough for this wuss!

    (coincidentally: word verification for this comment was "gories". how apt)

  8. Hi Nadia!!! We HAVE to meet up when you're back. Deal?

    I reckon Old Changi Hospital is the scariest place in Singapore. It'll probably win as most haunted too! I'll love to take pictures of the place at night one day but I doubt I have the balls!

  9. Yea sure thing! As long as we don't meet AT Old Changi Hospital... cos I'm a wuss too!

    (Although I am very tempted by the movie...)


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