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The Coming Week!

I haven't been able to blog since Monday. Heck, haven't been tweeting much either. Let's see...I worked Zouk's Mambo anniversary, submitted my article for Mother & Baby Magazine November's issue, attended a belated birthday dinner, corresponded with a large amount of people about my soon-to-be launched events company and I attended theYOG torchbearer briefing yesterday morning. In between all of that, I've been negotiating with this company that wants me on-board as their brand ambassador.

Can I also mention that I'm suffering from insomnia?! The past two weeks have seen me sleep after 9am. It's 10.05am as I write this post and I'm STILL awake! Grrr...

You know, I'm really looking forward to two days next week. First up is this video shoot I have to do tomorrow with an online entertainment channel. Its my first time working with this company and hopefully we'll do more stuff together. Call it a hunch but I reckon we can accomplish some amazing stuff that Singaporeans will enjoy watching. Who really wants to watch some ah-lian wannabe speak bad English anyway? Heh!

This Saturday is the other day I'm all excited about!! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! Who would have thought that a heavily tattooed bloke would be selected as a torchbearer for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games?? Well, the unbelievable happened and I now have the distinct honour of being a part of something huge!

In the next post that's coming up later in the day, I'll talk more about Saturday. If you aren't too busy, check back for it! Am gonna try to get some sleep. Enjoy your Sunday!

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