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Would you pay S$1,224 for a fish?!

If you're rich you would say yes. If you're the average Singaporean, there's a high chance you'll say no. But what would you do if you were charged S$1,224 for a steamed fish that you figured would be a fraction of that amount? Well, four diners were charged exactly that at a high-end restaurant called Feng Shui Inn located in Resorts World. I can only hope their Feng Shui improved after their meal! For those wondering what fish they had, it's called 'White Sultan'.

Here's what I think...Unless this incident happened at notorious Newton Food Centre or some plain old tze char stall, one should expect a hefty bill. Feng Shui Inn is after all a HIGH-END restaurant. Personally, I for one would never pay S$1,224 for a fish even if it shat gold! It's for this reason I don't dine at fancy restaurants. It's way too formal and I don't like how uptight everyone is.

Let me relate to you this personal experience which took place in 2007. My wife Ann and I were working at this bar in Orchard Road and for what it's worth, we were secretly dating. One evening, I craved for a juicy steak and we went around the nearby food courts looking for a western food stall. Believe it or not, there were none!! One thing led to another and we ended up at this high-end restaurant called Lawry's, The Prime Rib at Paragon. A polite lady greeted us at the door and we were seated within minutes. When the menus were given to us, I almost fell off my freaking chair! If I had a weak heart, I would have had a heart attack there and then!

From what I remember, the cheapest steak on the menu was at least S$80!!! That's way more than what I expected to pay at the food court. This wasn't an anniversary, birthday or some form of celebratory meal. It was supposed to have been a simple dinner before work! I glanced over at Ann and she had this panic look written all over her face. But since we were already seated, I took the lead by ordering the The Lawry's Cut. My wife followed up by ordering the fish of the day.

Before our main course was served, the servers came round asking if we wanted coffee or tea. We said "No thank you". Another pair of servers came round with their famous spinning bowl salad and we said "No thank you" once again. If the main course was gonna cost this much, there was no way in hell we were gonna have anything else! Wanna hear something hilarious?? We found out when we were leaving Lawry's that the drinks and salad was FREE!!!!

Anyhow, the bill came up to S$200 plus plus plus! It was a good thing I had gotten my salary the day before. Pheeew! I laugh every time I think about this meal at Lawry's. It certainly did bring my wife and I closer. Hopefully the men that dined at Feng Shui Inn will look back one day and laugh about it. Who knows, they might never eat fish again!


  1. WTF! More expensive then a bowl of sharks fin :S

    I think this Feng Shui Inn must have such a good feng shui that suckers are willing pay high price for this common freshwater fish. If I remember correctly, there was a post in a fishing forum that a forummer in that forum ate the same fish in Genting and was charged a high price too.

  2. Take a bus to know the old but famous half way stop? the fish freaking huge bro..I think that would cost very much less..aiya that fellow also mouth don't ask.
    oh yah next time want to eat steak go Aston..I also kena at Australian Outback..small fact everything small..cost about $100..Aston only was about $26 for 2..

  3. I think because it's a high-end (posh) restaurant, one should expect to pay more. Servers and waiters aren't told to mention the price of an item because some guests don't like that.

    If I was told the price of something I ordered, I wouldn't like it. It would seem like the person thinks I don't have the money!! So I guess if a person wants to fine dine, they should have the money to spend.

    Just my five cents...

  4. I kinda like Australian Outback bro. This onion dish thingy that they have is the bomb man. Don't remember the prices though. Hahaha... I can't remember the last time I went to Johore to eat. I can't stand the stares I get from the locals though.

    Now when I want a steak, I head to Botak Jones. It's cheap and not too bad...

  5. Agreed bro..that's the another good place to go for there's outdoor sitting...nothing like a steak n then down it with beer n our fav marlboros

  6. Yeah man bro! I love the Botak Jones opposite Cineleisure. Damn, you've got me hungry!!! Beers, smokes and steaks go well together. Amen!


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