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I've got a feeling!

No, I'm not singing that Black Eye Peas song that the Goodfellas play all so well. I know that a shameless plug! Hahahahaha... This post is not about music nor is it about the various Timbre outlets the Goodfellas play at. Yup, that was another shameless plug!!!!

This post is about Liverpool Football Club. If you aren't a football nut or you genuinely hate Liverpool for some dumb idiotic reason, click that little red X and close the damn page!

As many of you know, Liverpool hasn't played the kind of football that has won them millions of fans around the globe for awhile now. I strongly believe in my red pumping heart that things are about to change. So yeah, I've Got A Feeling that the upcoming season will be awesome! Awesomely red I hope!!!

It's fantastic that Rafa Benitez was given the sack. Even when the club won the Champions League, I've never liked the Spaniard. There was just something about him that I disliked. Besides that, there were so many matches where I'll be scratching my head or my jaw would drop to the ground when he made one of his 'famous' substitutions. I would be screaming at the television if I was at home. I wouldn't do it in public because well, I have an image to look after. Heh! Anyhow, let's see how Rafa does filling Jose Mourinho shoes at Inter. It ain't gonna be easy for sure!

I was disappointed when I found out that Yossi Benayoun left for Chelsea but learning that Joe Cole had signed a 4-year contract with the club was good enough reason to rejoice. In my books, Joe Cole is the most complete English born midfielder. No doubt! Another signing that has got me excited is Milan Jovanovic. He's really good and I'm looking forward to seeing him play for the club.

It sure looks like Steven Gerrard is staying put at Anfield and now its up to Fernando Torres to decide if he wants to stay or go. If he does decide to leave, the club should be able to get a good enough replacement from the transfer kitty. Everyone is replaceable including Mr. El Niño. Agreed?

With new club sponsor Standard Chartered on board, I'm looking forward to a brand new season. It will be a new chapter for my favourite club and I'm praying that the club is sold soon enough so we can close that horrible chapter titled "Horrible Owners"!


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  2. @Kamagra: Go get it done!!!

    @Generic: Don't we all just love spam?! How the heck did my post about Liverpool FC motivate you???!

  3. Fantastic article..I am biggest fan of this show..I never miss any program of Dennis miller show.

  4. I love the logo of liver pool... Its really look so cool..

  5. I love the logo of liver pool... Its really look so cool..


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