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Torchbearer YOG!

I'll be carrying this baby sometime in August this year! Yep, I got the confirmation earlier today. Yours truly is now an official ambassador of the Olympic flame! Isn't that just awesome?

Thankfully, I started jogging two weeks ago and I'll continue right up to the relay in August. I'm so excited!!! I'll like to thank the Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee for selecting me as a torchbearer. It's truly an honour to do this for my country and it's fantastic to be a part of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games!


  1. Just imagine u carrying the touch standing up high at the podium & you it up. Then u take out a ciggie, use the flame to light it up & u raise a bottle of beer in the other hand. Just like Rocky..haha no harm imagining

  2. Hahaha...You're mad!!! Now what would the organizers think if they read this. Hmmm...


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