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Skin Art, World Cup 2010, Nuffnang and Bintan

Skin Art: I've been getting numerous messages on Facebook from fans asking when the next episode will be up online. Well, it doesn't look like there will be one. One of the reasons is that there have been creative differences between and myself. I came up with a handful of ideas but they want things done differently. Apparently, Skin Art is only supposed to showcase unique forms of body art. Singapore is a mighty small country and there is only so much that is available here. And if it's truly unique, there's a 99% chance that the artist wouldn't want to appear on the show mainly because he or she doesn't want someone else copying their style.

If I had total control, I will take whatever I have and make do with it. of course thinks differently and I don't see the point in continuing with the show if the bulk of the show isn't about tattoos. Nonetheless, I would like to thank for the opportunity they gave to both myself and Skin Art. Really, the show meant the world to me and I had fun doing it.

So what's next then??!: I've had a few offers since the show aired. Contributing to a coffee table book, partnering a tattoo theme bar, creating an international tattoo awards and even fronting a tattoo studio. I'm a "if I don't own at least 80% of it, I won't even go there" kinda guy. I don't see the point in putting in all the effort when it's not my baby. Get what I mean?

But I want to do a lifestyle or reality show in the near future. It could be for the internet or something for television. I've sent my CV to this local online entertainment channel and we'll see what happens. As for now, I've been busy working with two tattoo affiliated brands. I've got confidentiality contracts with these brands so I can't say shit! Sorry!

World Cup 2010: We are days away from the mother of all soccer tournaments!!! Who are you rooting for? I'm an England supporter!!! I think the bunch of players we have on hand, are capable of lifting that golden trophy. GO ENGLAND GO!!!

On Monday evening, I am attending an exclusive event by Castrol Singapore at Brewerkz Riverside Point. Castrol Football is the official sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I hear some of our national team players will be attending as well. It'll be a night filled with football talk, beer, food and lots more football talk. Sounds just awesome!!! Do visit the Castrol Football website at for the most brilliant widgets! They have match predictors, stats analyzers, an iPhone application and much more!

Nuffnang: If you visit, you'll see this flash banner (picture below). If you are patient enough, you'll see a banner with yours truly. Thank you Nuffang! As always, you guys ROCK! -ps: Should you be a part of the Nuffnang community, you need to log out to view the banner!-

Bintan: We are going for a short get-away later this month to the island resort of Bintan, Indonesia. When I say short, I really mean SHORT. We'll be there for two days. Boohooooooo! My good friend Rasied and his wife Xiao Ching are celebrating their first wedding anniversary and they invited us. I am honored brotha! So along with the lovely couple, William, Gerry, Nana, my wife Ann and son Drayden, will be there to turn the resort upside down!!! I'll be drinking lots of Bintang beer for sure!


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