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Knife Attack at Kallang Road UPDATE

I thought it would only be right to follow-up with the Kallang Road murder post that I did earlier in the morning. There are somethings you'll never understand in life and this is one of them. Not that I can ever understand senseless murders or attacks in the first place.

ChannelNewsAsia reported that a gang of seven are believed to be behind the attacks and three suspects from Sarawak, Malaysia have been arrested so far. It seems robbery played a role in the attacks yesterday. One man lost his life and three are seriously injured all because of S$400 and 3 mobile phones???! That's really messed up!

I know there been lots of coffeeshop talk about how the fatal stabbing at Selegie Road yesterday evening could be linked to these barbarians. A 53-yr-old suspect was arrested at Bugis Village in connection to Mr. Mr Sitoh Woon Chee murder and it's unlikely the cases have a connection.

SINGAPORE: A gang of seven was believed to have been responsible for the recent spate of attacks in the Kallang area on Sunday, which left one man dead and three others seriously injured.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said on Tuesday that three Malaysians have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

They are aged between 21 and 26 years old and were nabbed near Syed Alwi Road between 6pm and 10pm on Monday evening.

All three came from Sarawak and were general workers living in a dormitory in the area.

Four other suspects are still at large but CID has vowed to "go all out" to hunt them down.

Investigations are still ongoing to establish the identities of the remaining four suspects and also to determine if the suspects were involved in any previous cases of robbery.

Calling the crimes "vicious and violent", the CID said the men were caught after a 24-hour large scale island-wide operation that saw 100 police officers deployed to crack the crimes.

The three arrested will be charged in court tomorrow with murder and armed robbery with hurt.

An Indian construction worker was slashed to death and his body was found in an open field near the Kallang MRT station.

Three others were also viciously slashed and are now in the intensive care unit at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

They were robbed a total of S$400 and three handphones. - CNA/vm

Anyone with information on either cases, are requested to contact the Singapore Police Force hotline at 1800 - 255 0000.

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