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Weird & Cool Tattoos

The lovely Jenny Hope from the United Kingdom sent along this link to an a cool website called Ugliest Tattoos, The Gallery of Regrets! As the name suggests, this website has some really weird tattoos. You'll go "what the f#@k?!" or "JESUS CHRIST" as you browse their website. BUT, there are a good number of really cool tattoos too. Jenny loves the hamster with the finger tattoo and I like the King of Hearts that this dude tattooed on his neck.
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Alright, here are four wacky tattoos from their webby...

If you want to see more, which I hope you do, head on over to!


  1. I didn't find it cool. It's very freaky !! I think tattooing is a weird stuff. Why do people do this? If you want a tattoo then just do some descent tattoo, which gives you nice look. Weird Tattoos

  2. I have no idea Ketty. I kinda like the lightsaber tattoos. Thought that was pretty neat. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out in a bit...

  3. the pinocchio tattoo..fuckin hilarious

  4. I can't see any image on this post , please update your image links . thanks

    1. I'm sorry you couldn't view the images. I'm waiting for Blogger and Picasa to sort out the problem.


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