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Pro-fit Institute

My buddy Irving Scott Henson officially opens his gym Pro-fit Institute (PI) on Sunday! PI is located amid lush greenery along the rich Tanglin Road. In fact, his gym is directly opposite the Brunei Embassy. That's one heck of a landmark if you ask me!

I visited his gym on Thursday afternoon after walking three kilometers from Forum The Shopping Mall. Don't ask why. Anyway...his gym looks just gorgeous! Or should I say "happening"? Well, you'll see it soon enough in the pictures below. It looks so damn good I actually thought of working out. Now that's rare!

I'm totally digging the red and white theme. It's easy on the eyes and it exudes a real good vibe!

State-of-the-art technology & equipment.

The PI logo is embossed on every dumbbell. It ain't stickers folks!

The door to the Men's locker room...

Lockers for members...

You know what's weird? I love the toilet! The Muhammad Ali posters they have on the walls are inspirational to say the least!

Here are some of the programmes offered at Pro-fit Institute:
Capoeira Classes
Yoga Classes
Sports Enhancement
Golf & Tennis Performance
Triathlon Conditioning
Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Unlike some gyms I know of, PI doesn't use low down tactics to attract or retain customers. Since the day I've known Irving, he's been an upfront kinda guy and that's exactly how he runs his business. He has put together a great team and that can only mean happy and satisfied customers at the end of the day.

Pro-fit Institute is a members only gym so if you're open to the idea of keeping trim and fit, do give them a call or even better, visit them at the address below for a tour of the premises! If you drive, you'll love to know that parking is FREE all day.

Location: Phoenix Park Complex. 316 Tanglin Road #02-01/02
Tanglin, Singapore, 247978

Telephone: 68873574

For more information, visit their website @ or join their Facebook page by clicking here.


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