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Finally visited Resorts World...

On Saturday night, William brought us to Resorts World Sentosa. William goes there so often that he is the mayor of Universal Studios, Rapid Baccarat - Casino @ RWS and the overall mayor for Resorts World Sentosa on! I'd be damned!

I don't know about those of you that have been to Resorts World but I left the place disappointed. Its not that the Integrated Resort stinks. Honestly it doesn't. I just expected a whole lot more. I mean, it is supposed to be a world class tourist attraction right? With all the hype that the local media has drummed up, I expected to be blown away. All I got was the slight breeze on a very humid night!

My issues with Resorts World Sentosa...

1. I hated the fact that there were staff of Resorts World that walked around without a smile. If you are in the service industry, here's a piece of advise from me Noel D. Boyd. I don't care if you are having the worst day of your life or missing your front teeth, SMILE at everyone you meet!!! A simple smile really goes a long way. Trust me, I am a dude that is all about PR! So yeah, there were at least 5 staff that walked around as though someone dear died!

2. When we walked into the Hard Rock Hotel, I asked my wife "Is this it??!". The place didn't elude Rock n' Roll and it looked painfully plain. Except for the memorabilia by Elton John, Gene Simmons, Santana and some other celebrities that was in a corner, it's nothing like Hard Rock Hotel Bali. BUT, they do have tees that were designed by Kim Saigh from LA Ink fame. The black tribal walls are pretty nice too...

3. One would expect security to be all over the place at the Integrated Resort. I don't want to go into detail about what happened but someone deserved to get my fist shoved down his throat! Regardless of race, nobody deserves to be disrespected. If you disrespect my family, I'll use my hands rather than my mouth to solve the problem. If there was a good presence of security in the IR, this whole incident would have been avoided!!!

Well, It's not all bad! I love Universal Studios Singapore. It totally rocks! I give them a million and one points for the theme decor. Since we entered the theme park after 7pm, we paid S$2 each. All the rides were closed and a large portion of the premises was blocked off but I still loved the place! My son went berserk running around the park and we adults had a good time goofing around. I also met fans of SKIN ART at the smoking area. Ain't that cool? It sure made my day!!

That's not all. I love the video wall that stretches across the escalators at this section of the IR. I could take the escalators up and down all day! The newly opened Hershey's store is definitely worth checking out if you are a chocolate nut!

Last but not least, here are images from Saturday!

I got this trophy from my wife and son. Everyone say AWWWWWW....

Drayden, my wife Ann and my sister-in-law Nana

If you have yet to visit Resorts World, don't listen to me and check it out for yourself. Everyone has different expectations and you might just disagree with me. But if you have visited RW, lemme know what you think...


  1. I think the Casino and resorts in Genting and Macau are way much better than RWS one... Wonder why there isn't any foreign media or news channel that goes around RWS to interview tourist to get them to compare with casino and resorts they have been to. RWS sure lose a lot of marks.

  2. I would prolly go there to buy Kim Saigh's tees *LOL*

  3. You totally should! Her stuff look awesome!


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