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A New Tattoo Project

I was talking to some friends about the various projects I'm involved in and we came to the conclusion that I should seriously consider working on a show that is all about tattoos. Yeah, a show that is nothing but tattoos. Mind you, only one of these friends is tattooed.

The concept of this show will not only involve tattooists and their tattooing machines, but it'll be a lifestyle show as well. I'm totally in love with the concept and I think it'll not only appeal to my tattooed brothas and sistas, but also to the non-tattooed folks!

The current plan is to propose this idea to a few networks and distributors. I want to get this rolling as soon as next week. With that said, I will be busy over the next seven days. I'll looking for investors, sponsors, writing the synopsis, etc... I'll blog and update all of you everyday. I reckon it'll be an interesting week.

Stay tuned my friends....


  1. Somehow...Dade's comment is missing. Thanks anyway for the support bro!


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