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Love What You Do

I have been really busy the past week. Been working on two new projects in a behind-the-scenes kinda role and I can't say much because it's supposed to be confidential. As it involves tattoos, it makes me love what I'm doing even more. That's important ain't it? You've got to love your job!

A friend and I were talking the other day...if I charged a dollar for every recommendation or advice I've given regarding tattoos, I'll be a rich man! It's true! I get emails all the time from people that have stumbled on this blog and these folks want to know who they should go to for a particular tattoo style. Forget about getting any form of commissions. It's rare enough to get a simple thank you from the artists I've recommended!!!!

I have some images that I need to edit and upload. I'll push myself to get it done by today. The pictures are from the picnic we had two Sundays ago and also from the National Family Celebrations that happened on Saturday. As always, thanks for reading and check back soon for the images. Bye!

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