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My trip to Old Changi Hospital (OCH)

When I had the Nokia X6 for a good week, I brought it along to the Old Changi Hospital (OCH) to take some pictures. The X6 does have an impressive 5 megapixel camera after all. Might as well put it to test at Singapore's most haunted place!

If you aren't from Singapore, here's a little history of the place. Built in the 1930's by British Colonial architects. For 10 years, it was used as a military command quarters and barracks.

During the Japanese Occupation in February 1942, it was converted into a hospital to treat wounded soldiers and civilians. It was during this time that prisoners of wars (POW) were tortured and killed in the hospital. After the war, it was turned into a public hospital called Changi Hospital.

Along with William, Ann and Drayden, we drove to OCH at three in the afternoon. Yup, in the day of course! I am too much of a coward to visit this haunted joint at night. Even in the day, this place was eerie enough!!!!

That foil packaging is a used condom. Who the hell has sex in a place that is known to be haunted? I wouldn't be able to keep an erection! Hah! More pictures are on my Facebook photo album. Click here to view them!

While I will never have the balls to go visit Old Changi Hospital at night, I can't say the same about the folks behind this soon-to-be-released film documentary. Remember Farid from my SKIN ART body piercings episode? He is the soundguy in this project!

Please visit their blog at, official website @ and join their Facebook Fan Page by clicking here!


  1. Gotta tell you something here, you know that night when we went to Changi Village for supper then have a smoke break at the foot of the hospital. When the Honda Fit with the white HID light switched to normal halogen lamp uphill, i saw a faint image infront of that car.

  2. I guessed as much. I saw your face change. There was something at one of the windows I was facing. But thanks to my beer, I ignored the fella. Thats the power of beer!!!

  3. I would rather watched Bruno Tonioli than spend some night hunting at the Old Changi Hospital at Singapore. Actually I’m not into ghosts and I hate haunted stuffs, its creepy and make me tense/nervous. Just looking at the pictures you have taken feels there are ghost hiding on that hospital building. Is that your son? Well, he is quite brave to play in some part of the building.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is Bruno a judge on a dance show? The name sounds familiar...

    I can't stand creepy stuff too. The only reason we went that day was because it was in the early afternoon and it was bright and sunny. We didn't enter any of the buildings.

    My son is a little terror but give him a few more years and he'll think there are monsters under his bed! Haha!


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