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DBS You Suck!

Just a short while ago, I logged-in into my DBS iBanking account. I clicked on account summary and got a "Service Not Available" message. I tried again after two minutes and got the same message. I logged out and logged in again but the same bloody thing happened.

Thinking there was something wrong with the internet banking, I called the 1800 111 1111 hotline. After a short wait, I got through to the operator. She verified my details by asking me what my bank account number was and the number of cards I have with the bank. What she told me next was shocking! "I'm sorry sir, your account has been closed!". She said the bank had sent me a letter in January stating that if I didn't have sufficient funds in my account by a certain date, it would be close. For the record, I never did receive that letter. All I have been getting the past months are my bank statements.

If I knew my bank account would be closed sooner or later, I wouldn't have dropped a cheque at three o'clock this morning!!! And I wouldn't have asked a client to make an inter-bank account transfer to this account. The good thing is that this DBS account isn't my primary account. I use Maybank more than anything else. I have never encountered any problems with Maybank since I opened my account in 2004. The best part, Maybank is a Malaysian Bank. DBS is a Singaporean bank. Oh the irony!

The thing that pisses me off the most is that the operator kept repeating that they can't reopen the account and that I would need to open a new account with a S$500 deposit. Now why the hell would I want to reopen my account when I was treated like trash in the first place?! Thanks but no thanks!

Update (April 1st, 6.25pm):

After informing DBS of my displeasure with their service via an online form and I added a link to this post, they sent me this email...

Dear Mr Noel Desmond Boyd

Thank you for using DBS online.

To safeguard our customers' interests, the bank does not respond on
account related information through the email channel as the email is
not a secure channel.

Please call our 24 hours Customer Service Hotline at 1800 111 1111 or
(+65) 6327 2265 (when calling us from overseas) if you need any

Alternatively you may visit any DBS or POSB Branch. The Branch locations
for your reference

Yours sincerely

Rena Leong
Customer Care & Feedback Management


  1. bro..their service sucks big time. they can take more than an hour to open an acccount without any queue. I experienced it at 2 of their banks.

  2. I guess William is the lucky one here. I love Maybank except their ATM's are damn hard to find!!! Thank god I have UOB too...

  3. I was having problems with DBS iBanking over the weekend too..couldn't log in..ppffft.

  4. Maybank ATM card can be used at Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, State bank of India, RBS and of course Maybank ATMs mah! You gong gong!

  5. I know that bro! But there are some stuff that can only be done at a Maybank ATM!!!! Now who is the gong gong?!

  6. Their iBanking always seems to be down. Grrr...


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