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5 days to Sunday!

While there are lots of negative B.S going on around me, I am looking forward to my son's birthday party this coming Sunday. I know I've been taking my own sweet time with the invitations but I've been helluva busy on my end. If you only knew the amount of sleep I get in a day. On most days, I'm clocking three hours worth of beauty sleep!

We've scaled down the party this year. I told my wife that I only wanted to invite close friends that have bothered to text, call, message or email since the start of the year. Why would I want to invite a person if they haven't done any of the above?! Well, this includes family as well. On paper, we have 50 guests for Drayden's 2nd birthday. Sweet!

I hope to blog over the next few days but that depends on how much stuff Ann and I have to do. We're doing everything ourselves (including the birthday cake and props) so we're gonna be busy busy busy. But I'm sure I can sneak in a few posts over the next few days...

My son needs attention pronto! I've got to end this post. Have a pleasant week and stay safe always!


  1. YAY! Nuffnang team wishes Happy birthday to lil Drayden!!

  2. are you guys coming? :-D
    please join us!!!

  3. Thanks Raine! See you on Sunday?


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