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Wrestlemania XXVI

If you are a pro-wrestling fan, I hope you watched Wrestlemania XXVI. I watched it live this morning on webcast and it was the best damn PPV I've seen. All the matches including the 10-Diva tag team match were top notched. It was awesome seeing Bret Hart whack the hell outta Vince McMahon. The match of the night for me was Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. These two veterans stole the show and I'm glad they put them in the main event. To sum it up, Wrestlemania XXVI was nothing short of spectuclar from start to end.

I stayed up all morning in order to watch Mania live, slept at noon and woke up an hour ago. The wife wants me to accompany her out for some shopping and I need to get supplies for an event this Wednesday. My son's birthday is in 13 days and there's so much to do. I'll blog again later or tomorrow.

Keep safe guys!


  1. hey noel! been a fan of body art for years, and i must say, i wish your show Skin Art was around even earlier to provide the answers i had prior to tattooing/piercing!

    but good job, makes for enjoyable watching.

    just a suggestion, had an inner lip tattoo done in singapore in dec on my summer break. the tattoo artist was incredibly nice and warned me that they fade quickly, and true enough its been 3 months and becoming smudgy.

    now this was one tattoo i found hard to get any sort of reliable info from the internet, so i m sure an episode would be great!

    wow. that was long.

    anyway, take care, and i hope your son's birthday goes off with a bang :)

  2. Yaaaay! Another body art lover. Always nice to meet someone that admires the good old art on skin.

    Thanks for watching Skin Art. Before the first episode was uploaded, I had so many sleepless night worrying if people will dig the show. The comments I've read the past few weeks along with yours, really make me smile.

    Thanks as well for that awesome suggestion! I think an episode on lip tattoos would be super duper cool. I have a question bad did it hurt? I would think it would feel like an ulcer when it's healing. Also, what's your name?

  3. well i think the show was a really brave concept, especially in a conservative society like singapore! tattoos are so easily misunderstood, nice to see you portraying it a good light, as a form of self-expression rather than rebellion.

    just curious, you werent a tattoo artist were you?

    about the lip tattoo, it didnt hurt that badly. its hard to explain as everyone's pain scale is so different, but it was definitely tolerable. it was a rather long tattoo, the words 'in my stars', so the first and last few letters hurt more. but it requires frequent touchups, so the second time i went it to get it done, that did sting.

    it wont keep me from doing it again, the pain wasnt that bad, but yes, the touch up wasnt exactly a complete walk in the park, haha. healing on the other hand was so easy. didnt even think of it, or realise it was there once i left the tattoo parlour.

    my name is Amanda P. i lived in singapore till i was 15, then moved to australia. pleased to make your acquaintance!

  4. Glad to know your name. Hi Amanda!!!

    When I first proposed the idea of having a made-in-Singapore body art show to clicknetwork, I didn't think they would be sold. But they liked it and SKIN ART was born. And you're right. We do potray body art in a good light. That to me is one of the key aspects of the show.

    I have also been careful with the artists that appear on the show. I think we have a really good mix of people and they all look great on camera,

    I was learning to be a tattoo artist but I stopped after my wife gave birth. There was no way I could have supported my family if I kept on at it. The funny thing about life is that everything is falling into place now. Phew!

    I am a big fan of body art as you can see. If a person walks past with tattoos, I HAVE to see what they have. It freaks some people out though. LOL!

    Thanks for the info regarding the lip tattoo. I don't know if I'll do it someday but it sure is interesting! I personally think we could work it into an episode. Will have to see what clicknetwork says. Hmm, I always thought that healing would be a bitch! Like a huge ulcer or something like that!!

    I hope Australia is treating you well. Which part are you at? Miss Singapore much?


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