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Badly Done Tattoos

In today's post, lets look at some tattoos gone wrong...

I am guessing you might gasped or laughed after looking at the above images. I went "Oh my god!!!" after seeing them in an email sent by a fellow tattoo enthusiast.

I think there are some important lessons we can all learn from this post.

1) Spend good money on a tattoo - It's amazing how some people think tattoos are expensive and they go to the cheapest artist available. Especially in Singapore! We're talking about your skin here. A tattoo will last you for the rest of your life!

If you are 20 years old and you'll live till the age of 60 and an artist charges you US$1500 for a tattoo, divide $1500 by 14,600 days. Your tattoo will cost $0.10 per day till you kick the bucket at the nice age of 60!!!! It gets cheaper if you die at a much older age. Hah!

2) Choose a good artist - When choosing an artist, look at his portfolio. Without say, make sure the portfolio belongs to the artist and not a colleague. I personally saw this happen in Jakarta and Thailand. Look at each tattoo carefully and decide if the work is good enough on your skin. If you hesitate for a moment, you know it's time to leave!

3) Check the damn stencil! - This a no brainier actually. Like all human beings, artists do make mistakes. So play safe and look through the stencil for mistakes. Same thing applies if the design is free-handed onto your skin.

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