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My apologies for not blogging the past three days. Things have been busy busy busy on my end. I know people always say being busy is good but I do wish sometimes that I can hit the pause button and chill knowing time isn't ticking by...

We look all set and ready to continue filming the remaining episodes of my body art show, Skin Art next week. Judging from the many conversations I had with students from Republic Polytechnic on Monday, I am confident Skin Art's viewership will be good when it airs in March. As far as I'm concerned, it's the first show of it's kind to be filmed in Singapore and we've got a great mix of people that have and will appear on the show. I've enjoyed every minute hosting the show and I can't freaking wait to get my engine started again!

As mentioned last month, I did a guest host spot on last month and that video goes online tomorrow. I'm super duper stoked! In a way, it's my international debut and one can only hope I don't suck! I didn't know who I was gonna interview till we were minutes away from the taping. So yeah, I didn't prepare a bunch of questions. It's about as raw as you can get! Names such as Chris Garver, Tim Hendricks, Mark Pinto and Vernon were thrown around and in the end, I got Vernon. It's cool because Vernon is such a nice guy and he's an amazing artist! I honestly think we uncovered a hidden gem!!! Tune in tomorrow to tomorrow to watch the interview yeah?

I've been asked by to be their featured writer. It took me under five seconds to say YES! I think it's an honour and it'll be awesome to reach out to an International audience. Besides, I love writing about tattoos and sharing my thoughts and vision. I reckon my first article should be up online this week...Sweet!

Here are some pictures of the tattoo competition I judged at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 along with Matt Booth from Room 101 Silver, Kim Saigh from LA Ink fame and social media connoisseur, Andrew Peters.

Last but not least, I'll like to thank everyone for voting for yours truly on the Klik Your Face: Me and My Tattoo Contest! It's nice to finally win something and I have you to thank! So....THANK YOU! All that's left to do is win Toto tonight. The grand prize for today's draw is $600,000. Wish me luck!

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