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Oh man!

This morning while waiting for Ann and Dray to wake up, I was checking my emails on my mobile phone while lazing in bed. All of a sudden, I heard this loud thud, followed by two more even horrifying thuds and it ended with brakes screeching! It was loud enough to jolt Ann out of her sleep! As we looked out the window, we saw a woman crawl out of her car that had slammed into a tree.

Instantly, I ran out of my house to help in anyway I can. I almost got knocked down by this asshole of a driver that didn't have the brains to slow down even though he had the accident in his view. The female driver looked to be in a pretty bad shape (who wouldn't be right??). Thankfully there was an off duty paramedic that was in the area. To be honest, I can't stand the sight of blood. Don't even get me started on wounds! Since she was in good hands, I went around checking on the other motorists that were involved in the accident if they needed help.

The scary thing about this accident is how the driver lost control of this huge ass lorry, mounted the central divider, skidded against the traffic over 3 lanes before coming to a halt at the road that leads into my estate. It's a freaking miracle that there weren't any cars on this busy road. The central divider which he mounted, is always packed with residents and students from James Cook University. Heck, my wife and I are always at that exact spot waiting to cross!

I took some pictures of the accident scene before heading home...

This is the lorry that mounted the divider and ended up on the opposite side...


  1. Hey! that's a Parisilk lorry. That electronic and electrical shop outside Nee Soon Camp! Noel, you got buy the 4D number?

  2. You should not post public photos of areas near your home. This makes it easy for people to identify your home address as along upper thomson road, near 600 Upper Thomson Road (James cook university campus). There are even "experts" in identify locations , e.g. one hong kong star posted photos taken from his home and these "experts" even manage to identify the exact address and public post rhe address on the internet and end up the movie star has to move home.

  3. So that would explain why the tree was damaged and there were oil patches on the grass! 
    And neighbour, if there's any paparazzi in the estate, I'll know they came for you cos you posted photos of the hood! Paranoid much?

  4. Yeah, my mom's friend owns that store. Erm, didn't even think about 4D at the time bro. But, there was a huge ass jam thanks to drivers who slowed down just to look at the many number plates. :-$

  5. Nah it's ok. If anyone finds my house, all they have to do is ring the doorbell with a six pack of beer. I'll talk their heads off and finish all the damn beer.

    Besides, Singaore is so small and I love meeting people. So no worries at all...

  6. You were inspecting the tree?? Hahahaha...I don't take much pictures of our neighbourhood. Too many old people and not enough hot chicks running around. We gotta meet up for drinks again at the Seraya Crescent curb! We could get my neighbours from Casurarina Road to join us too...


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