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I really have to thank Shyanne for this. While having a few cans of beer outside Zouk last Wednesday, she bombarded me with ideas for this blog. She's a darling isn't she? Well, after putting my beer infused brain into thinking mode, here are some new and old posts you can look forward to in 2010...

All New...

Instead of a long post about the history of tattoos, Tattoo Trivia will have short facts about this fascinating art form. These facts won't change your life but you'll learn something new!

I'm all about helping to spread the word about the artists that you entrust god's given skin to! If you are a tattoo artist or you would like to see a particular artist on my blog, send me an email at I may not reply immediately but rest assured I will soon enough!

Everyone likes comics right? Thankfully, this post doesn't need an introduction. Phew! On to the next...

I've wanted to do this for the longest time. As the banner says, it's F.O.C for friends. If my friends have a business or service which I think ROCKS, I'll blog about it. Hopefully you the reader would find a use for their product or service and support my dear friends.

The Old...

This post is coming back a little different. Instead of full and half body shots, INKEDividual posts will now have a photo of an individual's ink. Wanna see your ink on this blog? Simply drop me an email at with your name, location and the best picture of your tattoo. If you wanna show some love to your tattoo artist, include his or her name, studio name and address in the email and I'll do the rest!

It's SLANG used on the streets and it's pretty funny. Who knows, you might start using it too! Slang of the Week is posted every Friday.

This post features idiots from all over the world. Most of the time, these people are caught doing the stupidest of things. When that happens, they'll find fame on my blog!

My Top 10 lists will be original and hopefully fresh. They'll either be of the latest happenings or just plain random stuff. This post is a little harder to do so it won't happen as often. Hey! I don't have a team of writers like David Letterman!!!

This post is about crime in Singapore so we'll just called it SING CRIME. I'll post a news article about the most talked about crime case along with my thoughts and you guys can fill in with your comments at the end of the post....

There you have it. A bunch of posts that will call this blog home for the next 12 months. And yeah, I will be podcasting for the first time very very soon. No wait! I'm gonna attempt to...


  1. Weird.... I cant seem to use my blogger account to post tho. But anyhoo, great idea!

    cheers and hapi great 2010, dude.

  2. Hmm, I don't know what's wrong. Seems like a lot of people can't use it either. So I've removed it for the time being...

    Have a great 2010 and take lots of awesome pictures. Love to the family too!


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